6 Fun and Easy Birthday Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Birthdays have always been so special doesn’t matter how old you are getting. People always have made some unique plans for birthdays and want to throw a great party to friends and family members. Kids feel unique on their birthday as they don’t have to wear uniforms at schools and distribute candies to the class fellows. Also, their mother cooks specially for them while they cut the cake, enjoy playing games and have fun. Since the birthday celebrations start from the morning itself, thus it gets challenging for mothers to think of exclusive birthday breakfast ideas for kids.

Fear not I have got you covered, I will be listing some super easy and tasty breakfast ideas that you can prepare for your child. Also, all those recipes are readily available online, and you can even make changes on them as per your preferences.  Make sure to think two or three days before on what you want to prepare for the celebration. Try to make some sweets and candies at home as kids love to have them. Without further ado, lets jump right into them.

Super Easy Birthday Breakfast Ideas for Kids


Pancakes for Birthday breakfast ideas for kids

Pancakes are the sweetest breakfast as there is whipped cream over it and sprinkles. To make pancakes, you can put the pancakes mixture into the pancake pan and surprise kids, and you can spell their names on the pancakes. Pancake batter can be prepared easily at home, and you can garnish the sprinkles or use fruit to make it look sweet and adorable.

Recipes for Pancakes can be found at 

Breakfast Banana Splits

Breakfast banana splits for kids birthday

It is a healthy breakfast as it includes banana. Other than being healthy, we can also decorate it beautifully by topping it with whipped cream and putting berries and chocolate sauce on it. It will look and taste delicious. You need to slice bananas and put whipped cream over it, and with whipped cream, you can add many other toppings. I will suggest you use fresh food as toppings and mini marshmallows too.

Recipes for Breakfast Banana Splits can be found at 

Fairy Toasts

Fairy toasts

Fairy toasts could be called as the most straightforward breakfast as it just includes bread, butter, and different sprinkles. It looks tastiest and you can use regular bread and can cut it into different shapes. You can use many kinds of topping on it like chocolate hazelnut and sprinkle pastel sequins on it, or you can use peanut butter and sprinkle rainbow sprinkles on it.

Recipes for Fairy Toasts can be found at 


Smoothies for birthday breakfast

Smoothies are the yummy treat and are liked very much by the kids and children. If you want to make it healthy and delicious too, you can use healthy ingredients. You can garnish them with frozen fruits like strawberries or blueberries and can also use whipped cream or sprinkles to decorate the smoothie.

Recipes for Smoothies can be found at 

Spider Pancakes

Spider pancakes

Spiderman or any superhero is considered best for the kids as they grow up watching them over television. You need to make a pancake batter and make a pancake of different shape and just put strawberries or blueberries on it, and I suggest using cream to decorate it and use the chocolate sauce to decorate. This breakfast will surely please your kids.

Recipes for Spider Pancakes can be found at 

Nutella and Strawberry Toast

Nutella and strawberry toast

This toast can be easily made by using the regular bread on making the layers of Nutella, frozen fruit, and one layer of strawberry. Kids will find this toast delicious as all their favorite things are added in it.

Recipes for Nutella and Strawberry Toast can be found at 

Lastly, these are some of the best birthday breakfast ideas for kids that I will suggest, and these are delicious and are easy to bake and cook. You can check the mentioned ideas, and it will make your kids happier.

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