8 Healthy and Nutritious Breakfast for Toddlers

Breakfast is essential for everyone especially for the little fussy small creature you have in your house. The kids feel hungry as soon as they wake up in the morning; they want the meal right away. They won’t wait for you to prepare the meal but wants the food. Therefore you might also get up early too, but the issue is that breakfast should be something that your kid will eat, the moment he/she sees the dish.

Is your kid also choosy regarding the breakfast meals? Yes? Then I promise that from now, your child will not be able to make any excuse for these breakfast recipes. Here I have wrapped up some excellent breakfast for toddlers that you can prepare.

Healthy Breakfast for Toddlers

Here I have mentioned a handful of fast preparing yet healthy breakfast for toddlers. But before that you can ask your little kid to help you with some stuff, I know he/ she will make a mess but it’s better than they are crying in front of you for breakfast this will help in diverting their mind also your kid will know the importance of you in their life. Let him pass some items to you while you prepare the food.

You can see the ultimate list of breakfast for toddlers below and feed your child with these yummy recipes. Now, without any further ado let’s jump on straight to delicious and healthy breakfast for toddlers and here comes the recipes:

  • Pancakes

Breakfast for Toddlers

Pancakes are one most versatile dish that is loved by people of all the age groups. Also, these are easy to make and saves much of your time. , and they can eat it without any utensil. One thing that you can do for making the pancake appealing to your kid is to make the zoo pancakes. You can use silicon animal molds for this. And get ready to see how your child will jump on straight to the plate to grab his animal shaped pancakes. You can add toppings like peanuts, almond butter, etc. to the pancake as loved by your child.

  • Muffins

Breakfast for Toddlers

Muffins are also among the list of healthy breakfast for toddlers. Because it is not always easy to make your kid eat healthy fruits and vegetables. You can add as many as healthy ingredients in the muffin, and your child will eat them happily. For little fun, you can even make these muffins mini sized so that they look adorable and cute to your child. Also, you can serve them as loved by the kid with or without toppings, frozen or De-frozen. You can make the batter for the muffins in the night, and that will last you for breakfasts ahead.

  • Crispy Wafers

Breakfast for Toddlers

These wafers are my personal favorite, and also these are very easy to make. These wafers are crispy and crunchy and therefore, loved by the kids. Initially, the recipe involves beating the egg white and egg yolk separately but no need to fret. Here you can take the assistance from your little helper. Give him the egg yolks in a bowl and handover a fork to him and ask him to mix it up for you. And surely he will love to help you. These wafers can also be frozen and serve it in the way your kid loves it to be.

  • Bean Cereal

Breakfast for Toddlers

If you want to make a healthy breakfast for toddlers then definitely it is perfect. Cereals are rich with proteins and as your kid is growing it is crucial to feed them with the recipes that contain healthy nutrients and proteins. Therefore, this recipe is one of the best breakfast for toddlers. That he will enjoy eating as well will be healthy for him.

  • Chia Pudding

Breakfast for Toddlers

This recipe consumes a little bit of time, but if you prepare it at night, then it will be quick to serve for breakfast. Also, chia seeds are perfect for health, as they are rich in omega that is very beneficial for the little one.

  • Serve Yogurt with Healthy Toppings

Breakfast for Toddlers

It is the best way to make your kid eat yogurt. You can dress up the yogurt with healthy toppings that will make the yogurt, and your child will feel like having it right away. That’s why this recipe needs to be on this list for healthy breakfast for toddlers. You can add pumpkin extract top the yogurt. Also, it goes well with yogurt. Sprinkle some nuts and almonds on the yogurt as a topping, and your healthy breakfast is ready.

  • Dinner Leftovers

Breakfast for Toddlers

It is not always necessary to have fancy breakfast dishes in the morning. When you don’t feel like making breakfast, then you can also reheat the leftovers from the dinner such as fried rice, soups, lasagna, etc. These are the best breakfast for toddlers and quick and healthy as well.

  • Smoothies

Breakfast for Toddlers

Last but not least, smoothies are among one of the best and healthy breakfasts for toddlers. To make a smoothie, you’ll need any frozen fruit, some oats, yogurt, milk, and pro-biotic for infants.  You can even take cucumber for the recipe as it is full of antioxidants and vitamin c, e, and k. all you require to do is to mix all the ingredients in the mixer. Make sure there are no pieces of the fruit or vegetable. It needs to be smooth. You can add some toppings on the smoothies that are loved by your child. I am sure that your kid will not take even a minute to grab these smoothies.


These are some of the recipes that I think can be the best breakfast for toddlers and benefit them as well.  This recipe list is created by keeping the fact in mind to serve your child with a healthy breakfast. Breakfast is the prior meal of the day, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. I hope that your kid will enjoy these recipes.

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