Can Carrots Cause Diarrhea in Babies?

Allergies are something that can make an average human being so frustrated and ill then think how dangerous it can be to a baby. We hope that no one needs to face the issue of allergy in their child. It can be noticeable as a small allergic rash or even can be a dangerous, threatening issue.

When the thought of food allergies, then the most popular products are causing food allergies in infants that come to our mind are the dairy products, peanuts, eggs, etc., but do you know what; many other pieces of foodstuff can cause allergy in the babies as well. One of the most common of all are the carrots.

The first veggies that the babies get to taste very first are most probably the carrots. It tastes good and tends to be a good source of iron, but the question here arises that are the carrots safe for you, can carrots cause diarrhea in babies? Are they safe to feed to your kids? Well, to find out the answers to all of these questions stay tuned to the forthcoming paragraphs.

How to know that your Baby also has Carrot Allergy

Can Carrots Cause Diarrhea in Babies

Well, the answer to this is that it depends on different cases. For example, we all know the food items that are common to cause allergy, right? Some of the food allergeis are mostly the dairy products, nuts, peanuts, and gluten-containing compounds, but it is not necessary that every kid has an allergy to the carrot. But if you or your partner have an allergic reaction towards the carrot, then there are vast chances of your baby to be having the same, or if the baby doesn’t have an allergy to carrot, then there are chances that he/ she will develop the carrot allergy as well.

Here is how you can get to know that the carrot is not safe for your kid. Usually what happens is that when you introduce carrot to the meal of your baby, if he/she is allergic towards it, there will be no symptoms when your baby will have the first carrot meal. It is because their immune system will detect some intruder and will start generating antibodies to fight with a carrot.

The main symptoms will start appearing when, for the second time, you will give a carrot to your baby to eat. Now, as the immune system is already active against the carrot, it is pronounced that the immune system will instigate the defense mechanism, which will cause the symptoms of the allergic reaction to appear. Some of these symptoms of an allergic reaction are very hard to get noticed, such as gas and fussiness in the babies. But some severe symptoms could prove to be fatal for your child; that’s why it is vital to keep checking up on your babies for any allergic reaction.

For more safety purposes, you can further contact a pediatric allergist who will help you determine if the baby is allergic to carrot or any other food. Sometimes, it’s not the allergy but the fact that the baby’s body is not yet ready to consume a particular foodstuff that you are feeding them with. So, contacting a pediatric allergist is always a good option.

Allergic reaction in infants due to carrots

If your baby has an allergy to the carrots, then there will be some physical signs of allergy that you can notice. Some of these are a runny nose, sneezing, diarrhea, or breaking out in hives are some of the symptoms as stated by the APAHC that is the American Pediatric Association’s Healthy Children website.  Here are some carrot allergy baby symptoms reiterated below that you need to look out for to know whether your kid has a carrot allergy or not.

  • Swelling on lips, tongue, and face

If you notice any swelling in the areas of face, mouth and even the throat area, then stop feeding the carrots right away. Swelling in the throat can also cause it difficult to breathe for the child.

  • Runny nose

The action of sniffing is also one of the symptoms of carrot allergy that tells that the kid may is allergic to it.

  • Anaphylaxis

It is one of the dangerous symptoms of all time, but it’s great that the particular trait is not that prevalent. Here in the sign, the babies can go in shocks, after eating the carrots if they have an extreme allergy towards the carrots.

  • Watery, red eyes

If after having carrots, the baby‘s eyes are getting red and watery, then it is a sign of irritation that is caused by carrot. The baby may sometimes feel itchiness in the eyes.

  • Hives

Breaking out in hives is the most frequent symptoms that the babies tend to experience. Sometime the itchiness may also occur.

Another symptom can be swollen gums or having issues indigestion, causing various other symptoms like vomiting, nausea, bloating, and diarrhea may also occur.

What to do in emergency issues?

If due to the allergic reaction, your baby is having a problem from one of the symptoms mentioned above, then it is strictly to look for a doctor right away. Let the doctor handle the situation. Even if you don’t know if it is an emergency moment, they also make an emergency call, as it is not safe to take the risk with the delicate body of a baby, so better to take the things on a safer side.

An injection named Epinephrine auto-injector is one of the treatments that is given by the doctors, in case the baby is having a severe reaction.

Final verdicts

So, I hope that you may have got answers to all of your questions. However, here’s one more tip that I want to give to you is to wait for your kid to turn seven before serving him/her with the cooked carrot. After ten months, you can give your baby raw grated carrots to eat.

However, if your kid is allergic to carrot, there are higher risks of him having a pollen allergy as well? So, be acquired with knowledge when it comes to your baby so that you can protect your baby like a warrior.

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