Super Fun Breakfast Ideas for Your Kids Tummy

Breakfast is the most important food that you should not skip ever. As after a long sound sleep when you don’t eat anything for hours while sleeping, the first meal you are going to take is the breakfast. That’s why this meal is termed as breakfast, as you are breaking your fast in the morning. It is crucial to have this meal, and therefore, one shouldn’t miss it any cost.

But if you live somewhere away from your family, then you might be getting bored with the same boring breakfast that you make.  Don’t you want to try something different for a change? Yes. Then what are we waiting for, let’s jump on straight to the fun breakfast ideas that you can try yourselves?

Best Fun Breakfast Ideas for Kids

There are a lot of yummy and healthy, fun breakfast ideas that one can try. Here I have picked up some nutritious and fun breakfast ideas to wake up your and your kid’s stomach. Let’s see what we can make for those tummies:

  • Fruit Ring Pancakes

Fruit Ring Pancakes

Fruits are very healthy to eat in the morning. But we are human, and we get bored too quickly. So why not try a new and exciting way to eat the fruits. I think there’s nothing that can be easier than preparing this. As the fruits have their sweetness, therefore you literally can serve these pancakes without any syrup. You will need to make a batter; here I would suggest you to use the whole grain batter to make your breakfast a little healthier. You can add a pinch of cinnamon to the mixture.

Now, grab any fruit. However, Apple will be very healthy for breakfasts, cut the fruit into rings and then dip the fruit rings in the batter entirely and then place them over a hot pan. When one side starts to become brown, then flip the ring to the other side, and when both sides become crisp brown, your fruit pancakes are ready to eat. This recipe is among the healthier and fun breakfast ideas to try in the morning. Also, these are super easy to make.

  • PB and Banana Quesadillas

PB and Banana Quesadillas

That’s what I was waiting to tell. The goodness of bananas with the crispy outer shell and peanut butter. After eating this, you will surely feel amazing as it tastes heavenly. First, you need to take a Whole wheat tortilla, then spread the peanut butter covering half of the tortilla and then place the slices of banana over the peanut butter.

For some extra sweetness, add some chocolate chips over the bananas. Fold it in half and then cook the quesadilla in a pan over medium-low heat. Cook until both the sides become golden and crisp brown. These taste very crunchy and sweet both at a time. Now you tell me, isn’t it easy to make? For sure, that’s why it is in the list of fun breakfast ideas.

  • Quiche Toast Cups

Quiche Toast Cups

These are perfect for making if your friends are coming over to your place to have breakfast. These cups don’t even take much time to prepare, and you can also garnish it with different toppings. It won’t be easy to explain all the different types of toast cups recipe here; therefore, you can do a quick search on Google for the recipe.

  • Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

Apart from the fruit pancakes, you can try these pancakes as well as. It is among the most straightforward, fun breakfast ideas to try. Experience the Flavor of cinnamon along with the crispiness of the pancake batter. This pancake is the complete mixture of brown sugar, butter along with the cinnamon filling. You surely need to try this recipe once.

Firstly you need to prepare the cinnamon filling. In a bowl pour some butter; add brown sugar and little amount of cinnamon. Now whisk the mixture and pour the filling into a zip back and keep that aside and let it sit for at least 20 minutes. Also, the filling should not be liquid, and it should be thick. Now prepare the pancake batter, and you know how to make the batter, pour whole wheat grain in the bowl and whisk it along with a pinch of salt and baking powder. Add egg, little bit oil and milk to the batter and whisk it properly.

Make sure the mixture is free from lumps. Now, heat a full-size skillet over medium-low heat. Spray non-stick cooking spray on the surface of the skillet, now scoop pancake batter and pour onto the skillet’s surface. Now, cut the bag of cinnamon filling from the corner and then start to pour filling on a pancake in a spiral motion.

When the bubbles appear on the surface of the pancake, carefully flip it to the other side using a spatula. Now, after it becomes a little bit brown, transfer your pancake to the baking sheet, and your breakfast is ready to eat.

  • Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast Pizza

Who doesn’t love having pizza? Want to try it for breakfast? Yes then here is the recipe. The only difference here will be the hash browns base instead of the flour crust. Add the toppings according to your choice and bake it. I am sure that you will find this recipe as one of the best fun breakfast ideas to try.

  • Cheesy Baked Egg Toast

Cheesy Baked Egg Toast

What can me yummier than having crispy cheese in your breakfast? And you know what this is easiest of all the fun breakfast ideas that I have mentioned till now. So, why not you try this breakfast yourself.

Let me assist you in how you can make this on your own. Take some slices of bread now make a rectangular shape in the bread slices with the help of a spoon. Salt and black pepper seasoning make it much more yum. Now carefully crack an egg over the rectangular compression in the bread slice.

Lastly, add shredded cheese to the stuff and cook it in an oven or on a skillet. You crispy breakfast is ready to eat.


These are some of the fantastic fun breakfast ideas that you can try for yourself and your friends in the morning. Have an enjoyable and yummy meal to break your fast.

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