How to Prepare Millet for Babies

We all know how delicate and tender the babies are? In the initial years of their life, they require proper care from their mother and father. Also, one thing that holds the inner strength of the babies is the diet. The diet is the most crucial part in the development of the kids, which is why is it is necessary to keep a note of what you are giving them to eat. Nutrition is the one thing that can make the whole difference. It will help the infant to maintain good physical and mental health not only in the present but in the future as well. Therefore, giving them a diet that is good for them nutritionally should be one of the keynotes in the diary of the parents.

Many healthy ingredients are suitable for your baby’s health. However, here, we will talk about one of the healthy ingredients that are the millets. These are among the healthiest ingredients for the babies as well as the adults also. The best thing about millets is that they are the most versatile ingredient to use in the cooking. It can be used in the delicious up as well as the porridge for the babies.

What is Millet?

Millet is a gluten-free ingredient that is rich in fiber and protein. It is also referred to as the birdseed as it is an ingredient in birdseed. It is not only nutritious to the birds but a versatile grain that is also good for your kids. The particular grain is very easy to digest and is considered as one of the food that is packed with loads of Vitamin B, Protein, Magnesium, and many other minerals that a baby needs while growing.

Is millet safe for your kids?

Yes, the millets are particularly safe for your kids but only if it is properly cooked the way it should be. As mentioned above that the millets are rich in many nutrients and minerals, including the antioxidants as well. And another thing is that it is gluten-free, which eliminates the chances of your child being allergic to it with much extent.

When is it the right time to introduce your baby to millet?

The perfect time to start feeding the babies is when the kid is about six months, but make sure not to go too heavy. It is because when you introduce any new ingredient to the diet of your child, you need to ease a bit so that your baby can adapt to it. Initially give them only a spoon and then slowly increase the intake but not too much. But before that consult with your doctor that which type of millet will suit your child especially.

Millet Recipes for the Babies

If you are not so expert in preparing new dishes and are thinking about how to prepare millet for a baby then you don’t need to worry as here we have shared some of the millet recipes that you can easily make by yourself. Without taking much of your time, let’s get straight to the first recipe in our list:

Toasted Millet Baby cereal

Toasted Millet Baby Cereal Recipe

For the particular recipe, you will require only three ingredients that are:

One tbsp. Vegetable oil, here I would recommend you to make the use of olive oil for an extra dose of nutrition, Two cups of boiling water and last but not the least is a cup full of whole grain millet.

  • Here’s how you can prepare the recipe, first heat the oil in the pan over low heat and then add the millets into it.
  • Sauté the millets for few seconds and then stir it.
  • After the millets have turned to golden brown add two cups of boiling water to the pan.
  • Now, place a lid over the pan and cook the meat on low heat for about 30 minutes till then the liquid will also get soaked up in the millets.
  • You can add spices or topping to the food but make sure that the spices you are adding into the dish are mild and suitable for the babies such as cinnamon, ginger goes good with the particular millet recipe with a little bit of vanilla.

Here’s another recipe for your baby that is:

Carrots, millet and the Apple stew

Millet , Carrots and Apples Stew Recipe

Key ingredients in the particular recipe: Half cup of millet, half and cup water, half cup apple slices and juice as well, and a half cup of carrots.

  • Now that we know the ingredients let’s put together all these to make a portion of wholesome food for the cute little creature that is waiting for the delicious food.
  • To prepare the dish to take a saucepan of medium size and add all the ingredients into it.
  • Now cook the mixture until it comes to boil.
  • Once the mixture is boiled, set the regulator to low heat and cover the stew for about twenty minutes.

These two recipes are among the best ones for your baby and are healthy for them too. Rest you can also try the millet veggie salad, Millet cereal, and many other recipes. You will get all the recipes as mentioned above and other amazing ones as well on the respective sites WholeSomeBabyFood and Parenting FirstCry.

Storing the millet for baby food

It is best to store the millets in the powder form also it is easier to prepare the meal with it. The whole millet is safe to keep for several months in a dry place. Keep it away from direct sunlight. However, the natural oils from the cereal itself can cause the rancidity of the millet if you don’t refrigerate it. Therefore buy only smaller amounts and keep it in an airtight container and a cool, dry place. It would be much better to keep it in the refrigerator.

Don’t forget to always add healthy ingredients to the meal of your child as the millets can’t be used as an alternative to the entire diet of the food. Therefore, Guide the soft footsteps of your baby with the highly nourished millet food and other healthy fruits as well.

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